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Last week I was given the opportunity to attend the launch of VTech’s latest gadget, the InnoTab, dubbed the ‘new iPad for kids’. I thought this new release would be a fantastic replacement in the quest for winning back our iPad. Considering it has been adopted by Beastie and you might agree, is a rather expensive toy for a 2 year to monopolise because of his obsession with Mr Tumble. What is great about the InnoTab is that as well as entertaining our little ones it is designed to teach them at the same time and provide developmental benefits.


Aimed at 4-9 year olds the InnoTab is a multi-media learning handheld combining educational games, creative activities and e-books on a multi-functional touch screen tablet. Children can develop core skills in reading, spelling, maths, logic and creativity with the many included activities such as an e-reader, art studio, interactive globe, video player and photo viewer. The Kiddizoom from VTech is compatible with the tablet which is a great feature for budding photographers. It features a 5 inch LCD touch screen and g-sensor for fun game play. Parents can also download additional games and learning apps from their computer to add to the tablet.

The event was held at the lovely Covent Garden Hotel and I got the chance to meet up with some fellow bloggers such as Not Yet a Yummy Mummy, Multiple Mummy, Mummy..Mummy..Mum!, Seasider in the City, Super Amazing Mum and Bloggomy, all of whom I have met before and some of them a few times now. It was great to finally meet the woman behind The Crazy Kitchen, she’s just as you would imagine! That’s good Helen, by the way.

When we arrived we were treated to drinks and a lovely lunch of delicious canapés followed by chocolate brownies. Then it was into the red leather seated screening room to see what the Innotab had to offer with a  live demonstration and then a change to ask further questions about the function of the tablet such as the battery life and the colours available, as we all know this is important to children! The range currently has blue rubber edges but you will be able to purchase pink ones from Argos in September.

The demonstration
Answering any questions
Hanna showing her Mum (The Crazy Kitchen) how to work it
Helen (The Crazy Kitchen) looking very animated…
Kerry (Multiple Mummy) having a go
A very helpful 9 year old boy showing us all how it works
Emma (Mummymummymum) having a go

The retails price for the InnoTab is £79.99. You can purchase Apps online from £2.99 and also software cartridges for £24.99 with some very popular characters, as shown below.


It requires 4 x AA batteries (so rechargeable would be best here) and you can also buy an AC adaptor to power it as well as in car adapters.

It was a great day out in London and a fantastic opportunity to see the prototype and I can’t wait for Beastie to finally get a go himself!

I was kindly given the opportunity to sign up and attend one of these fantastic workshops, there was just one small problem, that being my son is too young to qualify. I am finding more and more now that two is between ages and although he is not quite old enough for some activities he is too old to be classed with babies…

However, what I would like to do is tell everyone about it so that if it’s suitable, you can book up and attend the sessions at the Victoria and Albert (V&A) Museum of Childhood. If the mere mention of it sounds like something you and your family would love to take part in, then you must read what it has to offer below:

V&A Museum of Childhood launch VTech Digi-Fun workshops for kids

This summer the V&A has teamed up with the number one manufacturer of children’s electronic learning toys, VTech, to offer a truly unique series of workshops which will introduce children to the exciting possibilities of the digital word in a fun and engaging way.

Ideal for children ages 4-9 years old; the Digi-Fun workshops are running every Saturday over the school summer holidays at 2pm from the 23rd July to the 27th August. These free sessions each last one hour and will give kids the opportunity to explore, invent and create with the very latest kid-friendly technology.

Bringing the digital revolution to a new generation…

One of the workshop highlights will include an exclusive preview of the VTech InnoTab, the first ever Tablet computer for kids, which will be in shops from September (available at some workshops). Budding Bailey’s will also have the chance to get hands on with the Kidizoom range of digital cameras and videocams.

As part of the sessions children will learn how to take pictures, film, and edit their own footage as they embark on an adventure around the museum to find a bunch of mischievous toys that have decided to have a bit of holiday fun!

So if you’re looking for family fun activities to keep both kids (and adults!) entertained this summer holiday, sign up for a Digi-Fun workshop and get down to one of London’s best tourist attractions for kids. As well as the workshops, there’s also plenty to explore in the museum itself…the collection of childhood related objects and artefacts spans the 1600s to the present day and includes toys, clothing, furniture, art and photography.

Vtech Digi-Fun Family Workshops, Saturdays, 23, 30 July and 6, 12, 20, 27 August 2011 1400 – 1500.

So if you’re looking for family fun you can book by visiting www.vam.ac.uk

For more information visit the the VTech Facebook page here.

I was very fortunate to be able to attend this event at the Camden Centre in London. The title of the event in itself sounds rather exciting, you don’t even have to be a kid! This is an annual event attended by journalists, members of the toy trade and bloggers. It is a chance for suppliers to showcase their new products in plenty of time for them to appear in Christmas toy features.
It took me a little while to decide whether or not to take my two year old son along. I was torn between wanting him to see all the toys for himself and road test them and then realising the practicalities of taking a toddler on the tube, alone. I can just about take myself on the tube (I have improved considerably) and thought the whole experience would not bode well. I also knew that the excitement of all the toys would probably be too much and he wouldn’t understand the concept of ‘moving onto the next stand’. It was fantastic to see so many children there but for me I know I made the right decision in the end.
Once again it was an opportunity to catch up with some lovely Mummy bloggers I have met and have a get together much sooner than I thought following CyberMummy. UKMums.tv were there and recruited a few bloggers to be on their panel to choose their top toys for this Christmas. They were given different categories in which to make their choices and you can see the final verdict for the MUMS Choice winners over on their site here. Below is the board for MUMS Choice where a few of the blog headers were displayed.


It was a very busy morning, walking round visiting all the stands and seeing first hand what exciting toys will be on offer this Christmas. There were lots of exciting developments with Thomas the Tank Engine promoting their new DVD and I could see their range has expanded somewhat. It was great to see the Smurf’s are making a come back too! I could go into great detail about all the toys but I would be here all day and quite frankly bore you, so my favourite toys of the day are shown below.

In particular one of the leading brands that caught my attention was VTech. I am already a fan of their range of products as it is and was pleased to see they had some great new toys on display. The two girls on the stand were very easy to talk to and enthusiastic about the new products, with some great demonstrations! I particularly liked the Kidizoom camera, featuring functions such as video recording and a swivel camera, perfect for kids taking pictures of themselves. The camera was also extremely robust, perfect for butter fingers!

The VTech Toot-Toot Driver Garage was very interactive and is aimed at children from 12 months onwards. You can collect six different vehicles, the usual fire engine, ambulance etc with corresponding sirens/horns. What makes the garage clever is that is recognises the vehicles, letting little ones match the vehicle with the sounds, which of course is great for them to learn independently.

The Kidiminiz interactive pets were great fun. You can clap you hands to make them sing and dance as well as placing two together so they can communicate. They also serve a function as an alarm clock so this was an all round great multi functional product.

Kidizoom Twist

Kidiminiz Bunny: Pink/PinkKidiminiz Puppy: Green/Lime





* Above shows the Kidizoom Twist Camera, Toot-Toot Driver Garage and the Kidminiz pets.

Now for me, the range from Bladez Toyz was the most innovative of the day. As a kid I loved all things girly but I did also have a large collection of corgi cars where I would spend hours making make shift car parks etc. Also having a little boy who is mad on cars this stand was always going catch my eye.

The Pump and Play inflatable remote controlled vehicles were fantastic. What made them so great was the fact they were inflatable, they were even whizzing around my feet and bashed into a few legs but no harm was done due to no solid edges! They are so robust that you can even drive them off a table and the unit underneath bares no damage. They are designed to be handled with less care than an ordinary remote controlled vehicle that can get damaged so easily. I also liked the fact they have considered girls when designing this toy and you can see that the Piggy and Puppy would be equally as attractive to a girl (if not the cars).

Being presented with a 5th birthday edition Trunki was a fantastic highlight and end to the day. Beastie already has a Tiger Trunki that has been on holiday with us already and quite frankly was a life saver at the airport. If there is one travelling essential you don’t have for your child, I would suggest one of these. Now he has a lime green one to choose from too (spoilt boy) which will come in very handy for number two (no I’m not pregnant). So thank you very much Trunki and for all the surprise goodies inside. Take a look at what else Trunki are bringing out soon, their range just keeps getting better and better. I particularly love The Gruffalo range, too cute.