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I had hoped to do more regular pregnancy posts but as usual life has been busy and I’ve simply not gotten around to it. I also don’t like to just ramble on for the sake of it and I’m sure some of my posts with my previous pregnancies have been pretty much that, endless ramblings.


Today I got a call from the doctors asking me to pick up a prescription for iron tablets. The dreaded iron tablets – I hate them so much. I had to take them when Beastie was born and struggled so much with them that I actually stopped taking them. So I was surprised that my blood level is low enough to warrant taking them during my pregnancy having escaped taking them before.  One thing that does add up is how I have been feeling though. It was only yesterday that I officially brought my maternity leave forward by three weeks, simply as work is becoming a struggle. It’s only two days a week but those two days have been taking their toll and I guess anaemia won’t have been helping with this. I’ve been finding my stomach muscles have been pulling a lot and my support band has actually made the world of difference when working. My recent fatigue and breathlessness are definitely down to needing those pesky iron tablets. I’m now thinking about eating my own body weight worth of spinach everyday!

I mentioned at 24 weeks that I seemed to be carrying small and had received comments on this. Well since my 28 week check with the midwife, things have certainly changed a little. All of sudden my baby is measuring off the scale and if she’s still measuring big at 34 weeks then I’ll be booked in for a scan. That’s when they’ll be looking into whether gestational diabetes might be causing this. Although to be fair I’ll be getting quite near to having my c-section by then so I do wonder why they leave things so long? I’ve also booked to have the whooping cough immunisation next week (due apparently between weeks 28-32) but this was only thanks to my own research rather than being advised by my midwife. It was never mentioned to me. I do feel that after your first baby you are very much ‘left to it’ with subsequent babies.

So for now, I very much need to slow down a little until I feel I have some more energy. It still seems like I have so long to go as August feels a long way off. I have lots of projects I want to get started and of course settle down to some nesting before her arrival. The start of my maternity leave will be a big sigh of relief.

I can’t believe that I am actually 30 weeks pregnant. I have been in the third trimester for 2 weeks now and have barely thought about it compared to when I followed each and every week in detail in my first pregnancy.

Besides a cold, I have been feeling fairly well but getting increasingly tired. Baby is on the move much more and now I can feel the distinctive movements of an elbow here and a foot there. There are so many familiar feelings but yet so many new ones. It really is different this time and as I write this and look down at my bump moving I have realised that my linea nigra never appeared. Last time it was quite dark by now, it didn’t bother me then but now I am quite glad that I don’t have one as it took a long time to fade after birth. It was also an odd look in a bikini.

If you have read my previous post you will know that we had another scan to check whether the baby is growing as he should be. When I saw my midwife at my 28 week appointment she measured me and according to her I was measuring 3 weeks smaller than I should have been. So we were referred for a growth scan and had to wait just under 2 weeks for a slot. We weren’t overly concerned but it was a doubt at the back of our minds that needed settling. The scan went really well and the sonographer was happy with all of the readings she took, then the midwife plotted his size on the growth chart and he was well within the margins, compared to Beastie was well above the margin. So we are happy that we have seen him again and that we have had the reassurance of another scan with more accurate measurements than that of a tape measure.

Whilst we were talking to our midwife after the scan she noticed some paperwork missing and it transpired that because of this my consultant appointment had slipped through the net. We have been waiting for an appointment since 28 weeks so it explained why we hadn’t heard regarding this. The hospital made me an appointment to see a consultant midwife to discuss and promote having a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) but neglected to actually inform me, resulting in a phone call on the day to ask where I was. They offered me another appointment which I was unable to attend and in the end it got left. In actual fact I wasn’t bothered as I didn’t see the point when ultimately I want to speak to the consultant. Apparently it’s part of their process however to book you in with the designated midwife for a discussion beforehand. So better late then never, we have an appointment with the midwife followed by an appointment with the consultant 2 weeks later. In a couple of weeks we will have spoken to all parties and know what the plan will be, hopefully…

The countdown towards my maternity leave has finally started. Depending on how I feel, I have about 4 weeks left at the least and I am very much looking forward to having some time off before the baby arrives. Financially it would be better if I could keep going for longer but physically I find it too demanding. I have a colleague who plans to work until she is 37 weeks pregnant and I think it’s madness but entirely her choice, I know. I had too long off with Beastie, about 6-7 weeks in total after his late arrival and I was climbing the walls. I do however think that in the long run it helped me prepare and relax for after the birth. Being tired beforehand is only going to take all of your energy reserves for when the baby arrives. This time around though I have Beastie to keep me busy on non nursery days and hopefully the wait won’t be as long. I have a list of jobs that I plan to get cracking with once I have a few days to myself. A bit of painting, wardrobe and cupboard sorting and generally making sure we have everything in place for the baby’s arrival. I love nesting. Who knows I may even treat myself to some time out to read a book for a change and saviour a whole cup of tea.

This will be my first week joining with this brand spanking new linky cleverly thought up by Katie from Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three. It’s a great way to document what has happened in your week and even better to look back on a reflect at a later stage. We all remember the big things but not the little things that fill our day to day lives.

Now I have to think back to the week that has just gone by, hmmm, always a bit challenging at the moment with a brain like a sieve…

On Monday I went and did my usual shopping trip to the supermarket to load up on all the usual essentials and bought Beastie some new shoes. He has extremely wide feet so getting fitted shoes now has become more problematic and Clarks shoes just simply do NOT fit, so I bought him some lovely adidas trainers in a whopping size 10! He looks such a dude in them though and they fit perfectly. I also grabbed some reward charts for Beastie that I had been on the look out for, a bargain at £1.99. In the afternoon my friend came over for a chin wag and a cuppa and it was lovely catching up on all the latest news and her wedding plans.


New shoes...

On Tuesday I went to work and received a staggering amount of comments that went like this ‘when did that happen?’. Regarding my bump? quite a while ago now! So it would become apparent that it is glaringly obvious that I am pregnant now, I should hope so at 30 weeks. I bumped into a couple of fellow pregnant colleagues and had a catch up on what was happening in our pregnancies and as a result it took me a while to get back to my work place as I met them both on the way back, oops.

On Wednesday Beastie and I had a chilled day. I blogged a bit and we played and then we ventured over the road to the shops. There a lovely floor lamp caught my eye in the sale and I just had to buy it (have been after one for a while). Unfortunately after walking down there the logistics of walking back with the lamp and a toddler didn’t work out so I had to grab the car over the road, handy eh?


Floor lamp

On Thursday it was back to work and time for our ultrasound appointment. I had measured quite small almost a couple of weeks ago with my midwife so she arranged for a scan just to check whether the baby is in fact doing ok. Luckily he is on track although not as big as Beastie was at this point. It was the reassurance we needed :-)

On Friday I woke up feeling terrible and full of cold and decided not to go into work so it was a day indoors, with a brief walk. Not deterred by my cold I decided that if we were to be staying in that we may as well tackle potty training head on. We went through a fair few pairs of underpants but we managed a couple of wee’s. The stars for the reward chart are an absolute hit!


Reward charts

On Saturday my husband worked until mid afternoon so I had a good clean up and sort out around the flat. Uneventful day that ended with takeaway pizza…

On Sunday we all went out on the hunt for a single bed for Beastie. We have decided that seeing as he has never taken to his cot bed we may as well find the bed that he will be in for the next few years and get him more settled in this new bed before the baby arrives. On the way back I picked up this bedside lamp that matches the floor lamp, obsessed? I had to at such a great price.


Matching table lamp

The hunt for a bed proved pretty fruitless and we ended up looking online but we think we have found what we want for him. Who knew single mattresses were so expensive? We have found him the equivalent to our mattress but at a brilliant price and a we will buy him a basic bedstead. It’s looking likely in a few years we will need to invest in bunk beds anyway. We also took out Beastie’s carry potty just in case he felt like using it but we didn’t need to as he stayed dry the whole time, fingers crossed for a good week ahead potty training…


Grabbing the potty


Take a look over on Katie’s blog at everyone else’s posts…



Yesterday I finally got to see my midwife after what had seemed like an eternity. I mentioned in my previous post about the length of time you have to wait between appointments in your second pregnancy and how surprised I was by it all, so it was finally good to be able to speak to her and be examined. I had my bloods taken last week in preparation for seeing my midwife and I was pleased that the results had arrived in time.

I have been saying throughout this pregnancy that I do not feel as large as I was last time and how I expected to be larger with my second. I know not every pregnancy is the same but I thought that the fact I am carrying another boy would straight away determine that I would be bigger. I know the baby could be lying differently in my tummy and I may not be gaining as much weight now because I have a toddler to run around after…it could be many things but finally the midwife clarified yesterday that I am indeed measuring small. A whole 3 cms smaller than I should be, despite the possibility her measurements might have been a little off and the baby may be due a growth spurt, this didn’t sit well with me, especially as I had been measuring over with Beastie.

My midwife wanted to wait a couple of weeks and measure me again unless I was worried. I was certainly not going to sit on my laurels for another two weeks hoping for that growth spurt so I told her that I have been feeling small throughout and yes I was concerned. She was very lovely and didn’t hesitate in referring me to the ultrasound department so that they can fit me in for a scan to check the measurements more accurately and that all is well with the baby. I am now waiting for a slot to become available this week and I am so glad that I highlighted the fact I was worried, all too often I don’t pipe up when asked, so thankfully I did this time. I know that more often that not there is nothing to worry about but there is always that element of doubt and when a baby is concerned, nothing is more important.

Besides measuring small it was reassuring to hear that my bloods and urine were all within normal limits. I had been wondering about what my glucose levels may be after an over indulgent, extremely sugary Christmas but I needn’t have worried. This is not to say I will carry on as much as I love all things sweet at the moment, I think that will be pushing my luck and certainly not the best way to encourage my baby to grow, just my thighs and bum!

The baby has been very active (sugary treats?) lately and certainly making his presence known. I have been wincing in pain a little bit with some of his movements as it can feel like he is needling my scar tissue at the caesarean site. Just a nice gentle reminder that this womb has already been stretched to capacity once and is heading that way again….

So for now I am waiting for a call about the scan to see what measurements they will come back with and we are also pleased that we get to have a sneaky peek at him again too :-)

A week has flown by since the 20 week scan and we are now so excited to be expecting another little boy to our family unit. We have our heart set on a name and now we can’t imagine him being called anything else. The name sounds nothing at all like this but when we ask Beastie to repeat the baby’s name he comes back with ‘pirate’. It is very random and there is no similarity whatsoever but it makes us laugh every time.

Yesterday I got my MATB1 form filled out by my midwife when at work, so all my relevant documents for Occupational Maternity pay are in the post to Human Resources. Now I feel a bit more organised and that the wheels are more in motion so to speak! and is one less thing for me to forget. It’s much different this time seeing as we have lots of items from when we had Beastie, coupled with the fact we are having another boy, there isn’t so much to prepare for this time. We had out planning down to a tee last time and I know at this stage we had accumulated a fair few bits, so it’s actually nice not to have the added pressure this time and of course it’s not all new to me as it was with my first pregnancy.

I have been feeling lots more movements and the baby has been having a good go at booting me, although it’s still too soon for my husband to feel anything but I know that will come in time. Beastie is understanding more and more each day and now regularly points at my tummy referring to the baby. He still places a gentle hand on my tummy and will kiss it occasionally, just adorable. I say he is understanding more and more, which he is, apart from the fact he thinks that there may be a baby in his tummy too, especially when he sticks it out. I think the penny will finally drop much when I get much larger!

Last Friday I went to visit the lovely Donna from Not Yet a Yummy Mummy to meet her new arrival. Her sister Karen from Would Like to be a Yummy Mummy was also visiting for the weekend all the way from Devon. I actually pipped Karen to the post and got to clap eyes on her gorgeous nephew before her, sorry Karen! both of them indulged me though by letting me have lots of cuddles with the beautiful newborn, Thomas. Beastie had a whale of a time running around with William and despite a couple of not wanting to share moments, they were both pretty good together. It gave us all chance to have a bit of a natter with a nice cup of tea and a cookie. Having only met Donna a handful of times previously it was noticeable with how different she looked this time since having Thomas. I have always seen Donna as bubbly but I could see that her constant nausea during her pregnancy was quite tough for her to deal with and that sometimes she was putting on a brave face. So it was great to see her looking invigorated since giving birth and back to what I believe is her normal self! We also realised that we have Westfield Shopping Centre half way between us, so with just 20 minutes travelling each we can meet up to go shopping :-)

Donna looking radiant with William

Karen getting her cuddles in

Thomas and I


Yesterday the day finally arrived for us to attend the Anamoly scan at exactly 20 weeks. It was late in the afternoon so I had all day to think about it and wait for it but it worked out easier for my husband with his work, so a little wait didn’t hurt me. It was a big day as it always is having the anatomy scan as any concerns and abnormalities are likely to be picked up at this point. It is such a happy, exciting day but you just never know so it was such a relief to see that bubba is doing just fine.

I had been drinking tea with a friend before the scan (who kindly looked after Beastie whilst we were there) so I needed the loo as a matter of urgency once we arrived in the waiting room. On every occasion I have needed a scan I have had to empty my bladder, so this time I emptied it straight before the scan, seeing as it has made no difference in my case each time. Being extremely uncomfortable whilst a sonographer is pressing quite firmly on your abdomen, does not make for a pleasant experience.  I am so glad I did as we could see very clearly and there was no wincing on my part! I know everyone’s anatomy and size is different but it really is torture sitting with a full to bursting bladder.

When we were called by the sonographer and taken to our room, I suddenly felt really nervous and could see my husband’s unease. No it wasn’t just the really important aspect of this scan we were fretting about, it was the impending reveal of our babies sex that had us anxious. Of course it was amazing seeing our baby again on the screen and in so much detail. I stared agog at the screen marvelling at the tiny spine and physical form of our baby. It’s truly extraordinary to see again what is growing in my body. I felt myself hold my breath slightly as our baby was scanned carefully from head to foot and measured. I stared intently at the legs trying to see some evidence of which gender, little did I know my husband had already made his own conclusions. Then the elusive question came ‘Would you like to know what you are having?’ I said yes please and the sonographer asked if we were sure to which I confirmed we definitely were.

I held my breath for a moment and then heard him say ‘It’s a boy’. My husband and I had suspected deep down that we would be blessed with another boy, my husband in particular. I guess when you have a preference you always assume that you will get the opposite. We are not ashamed to admit that we felt a little strange and the emotions were very mixed. I know of other people that have had the same emotions and it is human nature. On one hand we were overjoyed to see our baby in more detail and to hear the good news that all is it as it should be with him. On the other hand we felt slightly sad that we may not experience being parents to a daughter. I did surprise myself by immediately thinking to myself that I wouldn’t rule out a third child in the future, this is not something that I have ever really entertained the idea of. What did happen when we got home and the news had sunk in a little, was that we are so incredibly lucky to be having a healthy bouncing boy. So incredibly lucky seeing that some people are unable to have children or may need help conceiving. We knew these feelings would be there but we have dealt with them and have looked at the bigger picture. I think you always want what you haven’t got and this may be the case here. When I sit and think about having another boy I realise that I have never seen myself with girls, I am very biased to baby boys, but I think that’s natural. I think we will always wonder about having a daughter but you never know what will happen in the future…

Beastie will have a little brother and I am so excited to see them grow up together and the joy that two boys will bring to our lives. We have been busy looking at names, which was a concern in itself as before the scan we hadn’t a clue on a name. We had avoided thinking of one because we didn’t have any options to choose from. For now we think we have a name, just like Beastie’s name we both looked at it and said we liked it. Now I think we have the name, I am starting to get even more excited about meeting him as it’s all so real now he has a name. I may soon be living in a house full of boys but they’re my boys and this is our destiny.



19 weeks…

I worked Monday and Tuesday this week so I am really late posting my diary entry. It feels like I have had no time at all these last few days and with working, long busy days I haven’t been able to catch up on my blog as much as I would have liked to.

This week we are very much looking forward to the anatomy scan next Monday, I can’t believe it is less than a week away! Besides wanting to see our baby and check that all is developing as it should be, we are also keen to find out whether I am carrying a girl or a boy. I am also prepared for the possibility that the baby won’t play ball and we may not even have the gender revealed, I have heard many people say they have been unable to find out at 20 weeks. If this is the case then so be it but we shall be booking in for a 4D scan at some point, simply because we had one with Beastie and we feel it’s only fair to have the same again with the new addition. It was a great experience first time round and I know it will be just as amazing to see this baby in such clear detail.

I have actually been able to feel the baby move this week and that has been a lovely feeling. Within the next few weeks I will begin to feel much more and that is going to be really exciting, especially for involving Beastie in the pregnancy. At the moment he understands I have a baby in my tummy and that he needs to be gentle and not jump on it. We have had some really tender moments where he has patted my tummy and told me he needs to be gentle and careful and a couple of times he has planted a kiss on my belly. These are heart melting moments and I really hope that he can develop a bond with my bump and be a part of it all as much as possible.

This week I decided to have the flu jab. I really wasn’t keen on having it but after receiving a letter from my GP inviting me to attend a drop in clinic, I felt that maybe it was the best move seeing as pregnant women are in the ‘at risk’ groups. After chatting with a few colleagues and expectant Mum’s, I had the jab whilst at work which was much easier than waiting in my busy GP surgery. Which would have probably been full up with plenty of people already with colds and I think the wait would have been ridiculous. The downside is I actually feel really run down after having it and I hope that I just develop a bit of a cold and not much more. I had the injection last year and I wasn’t very well at all. Unfortunately it’s also just that time of the year when most people fall foul to a cold and sooner or later I will no doubt get one anyway. What I am hopefully safeguarding myself from is complications should I develop full blown flu.

So for now it’s the count down to the next scan when I will hopefully reveal all on Monday…


Start of the second trimester…

Every Monday I am going to complete an entry into my Bump Diary. This will be a way to remember all those moments that I forgot with my first pregnancy and act as a journal documenting the journey through pregnancy and beyond…

I am 14 weeks into my pregnancy now and somehow I have found myself in the second trimester. The first few weeks seemed to pass at such a slow rate and now here I am. I had spent so many weeks waiting for the 12 week scan that now it has been and gone, I feel I can get on with every day matters a little more and I suppose time is passing quicker.

When I thought about having another baby again, I assumed it would be easier as I had done it before and would know more of what to expect, being that it has all happened before. What has surprised me is the ability for my brain to forget so easily. Like riding a bike? not really. I now wish in hindsight that I had written a little diary of the events of my first pregnancy, so I would remember for this one.

They say no pregnancy is the same and that is most certainly true. I was alarmed at around 6 weeks into the pregnancy because I hadn’t had any nausea yet. You know the dreaded god awful nausea? yes I know it’s crazy but I wanted it for reassurance, I didn’t feel things were right without it. Well mother nature delivered it at around 7 weeks so I needn’t have worried. I should have in fact been pleased that I had a weeks grace, damn it.

There are some small but helpful nuggets of information I have kept with me though, such as what foods are best avoided and that a decent nights sleep can mean the difference between a manageable day and an awful one. I also graze all day on any foods that agree with me, I will become more health conscious once the nausea has finally moved on.

I suppose I must give myself credit for knowing something as all the books I bought have not been dusted off from the bookshelf yet. I will save a fortune this time round not splashing out on glossy books detailing every stage of pregnancy, read as a daily ritual on my bedside table. I haven’t succumbed to countless baby magazines either. This time however, it isn’t the unknown is it?

My husband has been taking pictures of the bump for a few weeks now and the photo featured in this post was taken yesterday, already I am wondering what the difference will be next month. He has a great idea up his sleeve so I will look forward to sharing it with you all!

Special Announcement: I’m expecting…

At last I have finally got myself comfortable, laptop on lap and am able to write this post. On Monday I had my 12 week scan to confirm that the bubba we have on board is doing just fine hence allowing me to announce it on here! We are delighted that we are going to be parents again and that Beastie is going to have another sibling, be it Princess Beastie or Prince Beastie, either way we are over the moon. We are expecting our little bundle next March, so we could be looking at joint birthday parties for the Beastie’s here…

I have been relatively quiet these last few weeks as I have been feeling rough to say the least and have found my blogging mojo to have been more or less absent. That’s the problem with nausea, it takes over and leaves you feeling less than proactive, no one wants to listen to moaning do they? (or do they…) plus I couldn’t blog about it so I felt that there were quite frankly no decent subject matters that I could be bothered to write about. No one likes self pity. The difference this time is that although I still feel rather bleurgh, I can share with it you all, a problem shared is a problem halved…right? No, honestly I won’t be writing posts documenting my nausea levels every day, that would just be too much.

First time around with Beastie I found the nausea worse, this time although better it is practically impossible to get time to rest with a toddler whilst working part time as well. I have found this to be the hardest part so far along with the fact I have not been as relaxed about how the pregnancy is progressing. I am guessing this is because it was all new first time and also I was relatively naive, you simply don’t know what to expect. I also hadn’t heard as many horror stories and had tragedies happen to people close to me. I now I mustn’t think this way and I am much better now I have seen the baby with my own eyes on the scan.  These few weeks have been a minefield and I was determined not to tell people too soon, certainly at work. I had told a couple of people at work for moral support and because of the nature of my job, moving patients etc but have kept tight lipped besides this. People have had their radars switched on and some have just asked outright to which I have had to bare face lie. I’m not the best liar.

A colleague of mine this week said he had an inkling I had some news as he had noticed a change in my face (like last time) but he couldn’t properly describe what he saw. He likes to think of himself as intuitive and slightly psychic. I think he was trying to say I had a moon face! I don’t think I do…yet. Yesterday a couple of colleagues asked me if I had another baby on the way and I was pleased to be able to tell them I was. One of them only a few months ago had walked up to me and rested her hand on my tummy and asked me the same question. Of course I wasn’t then and I responded with ‘What, are you trying to say I am a bit porky or something?’ to which she seemed unfazed (she is the thick skinned type). This time she remained unfazed again and said to the other woman ‘See I told you’. They didn’t even congratulate me either the miserable old crows (both thick skinned in fact). One thing I have noticed when you become pregnant is how much people seem to think they have the right to comment, whether appropriate or not. This time however, I am ready. Of course the majority of people have been absolutely lovely and extremely supportive.

On a more positive note I am thrilled to be able to share the news about my bump here and share my second pregnancy gripes and joys! I am also very excited about the new angle it gives to my blog and what it may bring.