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At this point in my pregnancy I am classed as full term although the normal point is the 40 week mark. Between 37-42 weeks is when babies are developed enough to enter the world so any day from now my baby has reached a vital point. It’s only a few weeks now until we get to meet our little man.

Over the last couple of days I have noticed that my bump has really sprouted, almost over night and I really do feel quite large now. My skin is still feeling and looking healthy *fingers crossed * but I have been upping the anti with creaming my bump, just in case any stretch marks should decide to creep up on me…

I had a really strange dream on Saturday night that the baby flipped round in my tummy, painlessly and I could see the outline of his head and body like my skin was almost translucent. Sounds freaky but it wasn’t in the slightest and I just remember wondering why the baby would decide to turn from head down/engaged position. Dreams when pregnant can be odd to say the least!

I must say I have been enjoying my maternity leave so far. I haven’t managed to tick off everything on my ‘to do’ list, far from it but I feel happy that all the major preparations are done. The new travel system has been bought, a new crib is sat waiting, there are some new outfits all washed and ready as well as the masses of clothes that will be inherited from big brother Beastie. We have bought a name plaque to match his big brothers, obviously a different name though and we shall put that up once he has arrived.

At the moment I get two free days a week when Beastie is at nursery so those days are really the one’s that I try and make the most out of. Last week wasn’t a great week for me as I was worried about Beastie’s future at his current nursery and wrote a post here stressing about what to do. Hopefully it’s all going to be fine but that was a whole day that I probably could have done without, I didn’t get much done and I certainly didn’t relax.

My next free day that week started off to be promising but after a couple of errands in the morning I started to feel a little strange come midday. My vision became a little blurry, like I had been looking into a lightbulb or looking up at a bright sky. It was gloriously sunny outside but I hadn’t looked out at the sun so knew it couldn’t be that and as I tried to clear them I thought I might have makeup in them. You see I had just watched a snippet of This Morning where Holly Willoughby had started to blubber a bit which prompted me to have a bit of a tearful moment. In the end I could only put it down to a migraine as I simply needed to go and lie down to have a rest with the curtains drawn. I never really like to call it a migraine as I used to suffer awful migraines as a child where the room would spin and I would throw up all day, this could last a day or two and the slightest thing used to trigger them. Spinning round, hot days and additives in food were just a few of the culprits. I did however grow out of them and sometimes I think I just get some mild symptoms, thank goodness. Anyhow in my pregnancy it is a little warning that I must slow down and put my feet up. So there was another day that I did nothing of any use and I couldn’t even get any blogging done which I would have liked to. I just about caught up with TOWIE before I had to retire to bed that afternoon for a couple of hours.

I am still trying to find the time to start a couple of books I have waiting to read. I made an attempt early Saturday evening, where I had a rare spell in the bedroom alone. I picked up the book and tried to immerse myself in the first chapter, hopeful that the story would absorb me straight away and I would be hooked from there on. However, this wasn’t to be the case as my back was really aching and which ever way I lay I simply could not get comfortable. Such a golden opportunity wasted but I shall try again…

I have reached the 34 week mark today and it feels weird to think I have 6 weeks left until I am officially full term. 6 weeks in actual fact is nothing really and I do still have a fair bit that I want to do in preparation for the baby’s arrival. This is my last week at work before my maternity leave starts and I can’t quite believe I only have 3 shifts left. It will feel like a large weight has been lifted and I will be able to concentrate on getting everything sorted and more importantly relaxing properly in between. I went out shopping this morning, just a quick dash into town followed by a short stop in the supermarket. Now when you are this pregnant, unfortunately a quick dash into town is a little ambitious and a bit silly. My tummy was really dragging and I had to support it with my hand several times, all the while telling myself to slow down but also wanting desperately to be done and safely home! It didn’t help my stress levels with Beastie being a little defiant and shouting really loudly. On the whole he is a pretty good boy and very polite but this is equally measured with him knowing the power of projecting his voice and developing his very own attitude.

On Sunday we decided to bring down Beastie’s baby clothes from the loft to wash for our new arrival. We knew there was going to be a lot to sift through but I we had forgotten quite how much clothing we had acquired for Beastie over the first year of his life. We had lots of moments oohing and ahhing, reminiscing about the time in which they were first worn, which was nearly 3 years ago now. You always forget how tiny the clothes are and it’s always hard to imagine a little person being small enough to wear them. As I expected, most of the items looked barely worn and some had never even been worn. I had forgotten about so many of the clothes and it was great to dig out my personal favourites again, some of them so distinctly for a boy that it makes me so glad that I am having another little boy so that they can be worn again.

On Saturday morning I was able to indulge in some pampering when I went for a prenatal massage. I had a voucher from my husband from last valentines day (yes can you believe it?) that was due to expire and I needed to use it up pronto so I chose this massage treatment to help me unwind. It lasted an hour and a half and involved a full body massage (bump excluded) and a scalp massage with treatment for my hair. It was lovely and just pure bliss to not be at anyone’s beck and call for just a while. As I have been a bit lax with looking after my skin in this pregnancy I decided to treat myself to some specially formulated body oil to rub onto my bump to protect the skin in these last few weeks. I haven’t had any stretch marks yet but as every pregnancy is different, I don’t want them creeping up on me.


We have also decided on the type of travel system that we would like, so for now we are seeing if our funds will stretch that far, as it will make our life so much easier with a system that folds up much smaller and with greater ease. We did only use our original one for 6 months but it is so important in those first few months to make your life more hassle free. We shall see what we can do but for now it’s great we have come to a joint decision about such an important purchase…

Last night I had a really uncomfortable night with the baby. He seemed relentless with his wriggling, there was simply no way I could sleep with the movements going on inside my tummy as well as wincing in pain with some of the moves he was busting. This was the first time that I actually thought to myself that I really want my body back from the baby invasion now.

I have my 34 week routine appointment with my midwife tomorrow and once that is out of the way it’s just 2 weeks to wait until we attend the VBAC clinic. They will ask our final decision as to what we want to do regarding the birth and book the c -section date if that is what we wish, which for anyone that has been reading my diary will know that we plan to go ahead with one. So with my next entry we will have a month to go and a date booked up!

I have also just updated the title of this post as it suddenly dawned on me that my blogaversary is approaching very soon, until I checked and it is today! How typical of me to let it almost pass by…who would have thought a whole year…!

This list suddenly occurred to me like a light bulb switching on when I was at work last week. I was so compelled to share the points I am about to raise, I actually made a note of them. This is something I should normally take heed of and put it into everyday practice for shall we say, more pressing and important matters in life. I have bought an organiser, so that’s a start.

Feeling calm and relaxed on the weekend and with Beastie napping, I am annoyance free. So the points aren’t as grating as they once were. Until next week that is…

For now though these are the niggling, pressing matters in my life that need writing down for all to see (or maybe just me!).

So the list goes like this:

1. People commenting on the style of my hair. There is nothing worse than pointing out I have a new hairstyle (thanks for that) and then going quiet or muttering hmmmm. If you haven’t got a nice answer lined up then please do not point out the obvious, I really would rather you didn’t acknowledge it. I do in fact now have a fringe and saying I now look like I am 15, despite telling me it looks really nice, is not the best compliment to ever receive.

2. The open subject of my hair colour. I have always been asked what is the natural colour of my hair and I have never understood people’s perpetual curiosity on the matter, what does it matter to them. With my recent roots (now dealt with) I had the comment ‘What colour is your hair naturally?’ to which I didn’t even look up and just pointed at my roots and said ‘that!’.

3. Commenting on the fact I am expecting a boy instead of a girl with ‘Ahh, ok well that’s nice…’. I didn’t ask for your opinion and don’t make an issue out of something that isn’t an issue, thank you.

4. When heavily pregnant. ‘Oh look you’re waddling/stop waddling’. Do you think I voluntarily want to walk like a duck and put strain on my hips?

5. The endless discussion about the size of the bump (or public property). Ranging from you’re not very big to you’re going to have a big baby there! and look at the size of you already? You are definitely carrying a girl, you’re blooming…no in actual fact I am carrying a boy.

6. Body odour, strong/hideous perfume and smoke. I have had hysterics in a confined space over the great unwashed before.

7. Not being able to tend easily with the general tidying of nether regions and painting toenails. Or not at all in the final stages!

8. Not being able to drink tea in the copious amounts consumed pre pregnancy.

9. The old faithful. Why do you not want a surprise? after all the pain you go through to have a baby, a surprise is the best bit?  Sorry I am not taken on that one. Why do you not want to be prepared?!.

10. The endless opinions on name choices, whether you want to hear it or not. Now that one I won’t be divulging this time, so ha!


Nb. Points 1 and 2 are sadly not related to pregnancy, they are just simply annoying me at this point in time. They unfortunately will not stop at the end of this pregnancy.


19 weeks…

I worked Monday and Tuesday this week so I am really late posting my diary entry. It feels like I have had no time at all these last few days and with working, long busy days I haven’t been able to catch up on my blog as much as I would have liked to.

This week we are very much looking forward to the anatomy scan next Monday, I can’t believe it is less than a week away! Besides wanting to see our baby and check that all is developing as it should be, we are also keen to find out whether I am carrying a girl or a boy. I am also prepared for the possibility that the baby won’t play ball and we may not even have the gender revealed, I have heard many people say they have been unable to find out at 20 weeks. If this is the case then so be it but we shall be booking in for a 4D scan at some point, simply because we had one with Beastie and we feel it’s only fair to have the same again with the new addition. It was a great experience first time round and I know it will be just as amazing to see this baby in such clear detail.

I have actually been able to feel the baby move this week and that has been a lovely feeling. Within the next few weeks I will begin to feel much more and that is going to be really exciting, especially for involving Beastie in the pregnancy. At the moment he understands I have a baby in my tummy and that he needs to be gentle and not jump on it. We have had some really tender moments where he has patted my tummy and told me he needs to be gentle and careful and a couple of times he has planted a kiss on my belly. These are heart melting moments and I really hope that he can develop a bond with my bump and be a part of it all as much as possible.

This week I decided to have the flu jab. I really wasn’t keen on having it but after receiving a letter from my GP inviting me to attend a drop in clinic, I felt that maybe it was the best move seeing as pregnant women are in the ‘at risk’ groups. After chatting with a few colleagues and expectant Mum’s, I had the jab whilst at work which was much easier than waiting in my busy GP surgery. Which would have probably been full up with plenty of people already with colds and I think the wait would have been ridiculous. The downside is I actually feel really run down after having it and I hope that I just develop a bit of a cold and not much more. I had the injection last year and I wasn’t very well at all. Unfortunately it’s also just that time of the year when most people fall foul to a cold and sooner or later I will no doubt get one anyway. What I am hopefully safeguarding myself from is complications should I develop full blown flu.

So for now it’s the count down to the next scan when I will hopefully reveal all on Monday…


17 weeks…

As I sit down to write this post I have realised that I haven’t really done an awful lot else on my blog this week, besides a rather fab giveaway, I haven’t had much time to add anything else. The before I know it, it’s the beginning of the week again and I am playing catch up.

So far I have written four entries into my Bump Diary and I knew it wouldn’t be long until I lapsed a little and posted late. I do try my best but I tend to be one of those people that doesn’t stick to a routine, hence the distinct lack of an exercise one! I do feel that I have a decent excuse for not posting and that was because I was dead beat from a day out in London on Monday attending The Baby Show for Trade with my very lovely and trusty buddy Mummy Daddy and me makes three. My god was I tired. I even took paracetamol for my pounding headache after abstaining throughout my pregnancy so far. Last night I just needed to sleep before a full day at work. I am still tired now, my eyes extremely heavy, but I have set myself a goal and I don’t intend let myself down and be flakey.

I found the chance of visiting The Baby Show for Trade was too good an opportunity to miss and gladly took up Mrs E’s (aka Mummy Daddy and me makes three) offer of accompanying her. The sat nav did me proud and I managed to get there in good time and didn’t get in a flap with the roads in London. I have made some massive blunders with my navigational skills in the past. My pregnant brain didn’t fail me and I didn’t end up whimpering down some side street lost, calling my Dad in Spain (yes I’ve done this before) as my husband is still phoneless. Nope, I got there ok and the day went very smoothly apart from the fact we struggled several times with Beastie’s buggy on the stairs, only to be told there was in fact a lift. We were told there wasn’t one! Poor Mrs E.

We schmoozed our way around, saw some fantastic products and spoke to some great people and we came away armed with lots of information about all the new releases and gadgets on the market. There were some truly genius but simple ideas that people had come up with and had manufactured. How great it would be to see your idea come to life and become a success. The Show was full of these clever people.

When we were there I wasn’t sure whether I would look pregnant to anyone who doesn’t know me and we pretty much had to tell everyone we chatted to. It seems my bump is still rather modest and not obvious. I am still wondering when it is going to really sprout. I am finding clothes much more uncomfortable now and I get easily annoyed with trousers, feeling like they are digging into my tummy. It’s definitely time for some decent slouchy loungewear and some nice brand new fluffy slippers.

So not much has changed on the bump front but in terms of my energy levels, they are definitely taking a nose dive. I would love it if Beastie granted me a lie in tomorrow but I think we all know there is a fat chance of that happening!

16 weeks…

Last week I had my 16 week routine appointment with the midwife (although I am 16 weeks today). All was well and straight forward and I got to hear bubba’s heartbeat on the doppler, it was a little tricky to find but once she found it we mainly heard plenty of booting. Just as I thought another Beastie. We have a doppler by Angelsounds that we bought to listen to Beastie, so we have already listened to the heartbeat. I am officially hopeless at finding the heartbeat and have to solely rely on my husband and the knack he seems to have. You wouldn’t believe that I have actually used dopplers at work, although not for detecting babies!

My bump is still looking quite small and I did expect to be bigger at this stage, but then if you go by my previous post on boob size then maybe it’s just me that can’t see the changes. I have been told I have quite strong stomach muscles so I suppose this could also be the reason why I don’t look that noticeably pregnant. I shall look back on this post and regret what I have said I am sure, when I am at my largest I will be wondering why on earth I was questioning the size.

As I said in my last entry, I am not feeling nauseous anymore but there is a distinct difference to how I am feeling this time. I don’t remember eating so much before but then maybe I did and my memory has failed me. I do feel that what I am eating might be to blame for the state of my face, hormones aside I don’t think my skin has ever looked so bad. What’s this about pregnancy glow? I would love a dose of it.

Spotty skin aside, I now feel that I have reached a stage in the pregnancy I feel that things are really moving on and it won’t be that long until Christmas and then the New Year. We are all booked up to attend The Baby Show at Earls Court, London at the end of the month and I am looking forward to it. We attended the show at Excel last time and it was a great day out then. I am intrigued to see what new innovative products are showcased there this year. The Cuddledry baby bath towel in a funky cow print was my favourite purchase last time and the girls on the stand were lovely.

I am treasuring my time even more with Beastie now as it gets closer and closer to him not being the baby anymore. He is getting so grown up and astounds us everyday with new words and more often that not hilarious ways of putting things. I love seeing his personality developing, it’s so exciting but it’s also an end of an era. We are moving onto another exciting chapter but I am aware he will no longer be the baby anymore so the times that he does regress to being a baby, (which can still be quite often) I love it!