Birth Announcement!

Yesterday was officially my due date and this would have been my last Bump Diary entry for 40 weeks. Instead I am able to announce the safe arrival of my second baby who arrived last Tuesday via elective caesarean. He is now nearly a week old and I am once again completely in love with my newborn as I was with Beastie almost three years ago. Beastie seems absolutely huge compared to the baby, even more so as Beastie weighed a fair bit more when he was born and this time we have a much tinier baby on our hands.

Baby Beastie weighed in at 7lb 1oz and although not that small, compared to Beastie’s 8lb 8ozs the difference has been quite considerable. Of course I was instantly protective of him but the fact our newborn is so diddy compared has made me even more protective. He seems so much more fragile.

Last Tuesday we had to be at the hospital for 7.30 am for the caesarean. When we got there the order of the list kept changing constantly and it was the luck of the draw as to who would be last on the list of three. Luckily for me one of the ladies on the list had had a cup of tea that morning which meant she could no longer be first on the list, which bumped me up to second. We had been warned that if there were more than one emergency caesareans needed at one time, then of course the elective list would be delayed. There was in fact an emergency as I was preparing to go into theatre which meant a long wait back up on the ward. Finally our time came though and we welcomed our little boy into the world.

I am recovering well post caesarean and only stayed the one night in hospital, which shocked a few people with my early return home. The only downside was being sent home with a weeks course of anti coagulant injections. I disregarded it completely when I left hospital not considering it a problem at all being that I am a nurse and have administered many of these injections. I realised when at home that it is one matter injecting someone else and entirely another injecting yourself! Luckily my husband was more than willing to give them and on the one occasion my Dad. They were not bothered in the slightest!?

Here are some pictures of his first few days. In the hospital, meeting his big brother for the first time and having a good look around his new home. There will of course be lots more pictures to come and more blog posts once I find my feet and maybe have a bit more sleep…


Bump Diary: 38 weeks



I will only have one more bump diary entry after this and the pregnancy journey will be nearing to a close, already. The start to week 38 hasn’t been such a great one and is the reason I am posting it a day late (not that I ever needed an excuse to be late!).

Yesterday started off like any other day only for me to start getting blurry vision around lunchtime. A couple of weeks ago I had something similar happen and I simply had to abandon the tv and computer screens and have a lie down, hoping that the visual disturbance would pass. I wrote about it here in my last bump diary entry. It did pass and I had a slight headache afterwards followed by an early night. I put it down to a migraine at the time and figured I had probably been rushing about a bit too much and it had dissipated the next day.

Again I took myself off for a lie down yesterday afternoon, whilst Beastie was also sleeping and hoped that it would resolve itself with a little rest. I managed to drag myself up when Beastie rose from his slumber and I must say he was very good to me and understood that I wasn’t feeling very well. It was a relief when my husband came home from work and took over the reins to bath Beastie. It’s not often that I can’t keep ploughing ahead but last night I knew I had to get myself to bed early and try and get some peace and quiet. I managed to sleep until about 2 am when I awoke to a terrific side splitting headache. Nothing seemed to make it easier and I was crying with the intensity of the pain, having not been used to a headache so strong. I am always aware that crying will always make your headache worse but sometimes you just can’t help it, you need the release.

I was worrying about all sorts (as you do) when lying there wide awake. I was wondering what my blood pressure might be reading and whether I could possibly have pre-eclampsia? all the mad thoughts that run through your head whilst lying alone in the dark wishing for morning to hurry up. Beastie also jumped into our bed around this time, snuffling with his cold and I didn’t have the energy to try and move him, so I moved into his bed! I could quite happily move into his bed, it’s so comfortable. That was as far as the comfort went though and I managed maybe an hour or two of sleep. So today I feel like I have been hit by a truck but I am at least feeling better than yesterday.

One blessing was that I had my 38 week midwife check this morning, so the timing couldn’t have been better. First of all my midwife didn’t seem remotely bothered about my thunderous headache and went ahead to check all the usual readings. My blood pressure was fine, low in fact and I had traces of things in my urine but nothing to suggest I have anything to worry about. Of course I was relieved that all values appeared within the normal limits but it always feels like the midwife doesn’t have a lot of positive advice to give when she sends me away, lovely as she is.

I am being spoilt today as my husband has taken the day off to look after me. So I really am not lifting a finger in any sense, apart from some gentle tapping away on this laptop! Physically I need to slow down and try and keep a little calmer, I think stress is beginning to build up and this might be the reasons behind my migraine episodes. So I have been given my orders and I hope to be feeling a little more human tomorrow :-)

Bump Diary: 36 weeks

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Today we had a very important appointment at the hospital marking the 36 week point. A few weeks ago I mentioned that we spoke to a consultant midwife to discuss the possibility of an elective caesarean, following my previous emergency caesarean. The purpose of today’s appointment was to see whether we still wanted to proceed with one and if so to then get us booked in with a date. First of all the midwife freaked me out by telling me that it was now policy to section at 42 weeks, opposed to the 40 weeks that I had been told at the last appointment. After being left for a few moments while the midwife went off to clarify it, we were reassured that it was in fact 40 weeks as initially stated. Apparently if you want to give birth naturally they now let you go to 42 weeks before inducing you, which I think is an awfully long time after a previous section. So we are now booked in with a date for the birth a few days before my due date. It’s a really weird feeling knowing the day our baby will be born, providing that I don’t go into labour earlier or there is a delay with the section on that date. It will put a week between our boys birthdays making the gap more or less 3 years exactly.

I was due to be thrown a baby shower by everyone at work for a colleague and I on Saturday but unfortunately we had to cancel as she went into labour. We were all quite worried about my colleague as she was only 30 weeks pregnant. For now she is out of the woods and they have managed to stop her labour and she has been discharged from hospital to put her feet up for the remaining part of her pregnancy. Her first baby was premature so it’s looking likely that this one will be too, but hopefully after he or she has cooked for a little bit longer! My work have suddenly lost two members of staff to maternity leave so they are feeling the strain a little bit at the moment…

On Saturday we went to The Baby Show at Excel in London courtesy of MAM. After visiting the Earls Court show in October we didn’t expect to want to go again but as this one approached we realised that it would be a good idea to go for a couple of bits we really needed. We bought a lovely Morrck baby hoodie, which we had our eye on last time. Some Grobag swaddle blankets on offer at a fantastic saving, a couple of Fudgy Bear books (for our Fudgy obsessed boy) and a name plaque for our baby boy to match Beastie’s.


Gro bag swaddle


Baby hoodie


Once we finished at the show we decided to pop into Ikea on the way home. We had some essentials that we needed to buy and we thought we would  make the most of being child free for the day. By this point I was suffering terribly with sore feet from my stupid choice of footwear for the day. I was wearing ballet pumps that I have worn many a time before but this time my swollen trotters were paying the price. I hobbled and I winced but I carried on regardless and we ended up having a successful shopping day. We then went to pick up Beastie from my husband’s parents house and collected our newly delivered buggy at the same time. This was seriously too much excitement for one day and I am still paying for it now…

We gave our new Oyster a spin (around the flat) when we got home and Beastie immediately took a shine to it. The baby may well have a fight on his hands. We all love the buggy in fact and we were very impressed by the demonstrations we saw at The Baby Show. This buggy will make our lives so much easier!



So for now I can start to relax and enjoy these last few weeks before the baby arrives. For the last week I have been busy shopping around for hospital bag bits, supplies and equipment for the baby. I couldn’t settle until I knew everything was in place and now they pretty much are. I want to spend a bit of ‘me’ time as well so I wholeheartedly plan to start reading a book at some point in the next week or so. It truly is a luxury and I always forget how much I love reading and being absorbed in a good book, followed by another maybe. It will probably be another three years until I pick one up again.

It’s hitting home now that we are going to become a family of four soon and our baby will be replaced with a much smaller version. Beastie frequently tells us that he is a ‘big boy’ now, rather matter of factly but none of us know how we are going to feel when the dynamics change.

Here we are making the most of our time with our firstborn…





Bump Diary: 35 weeks

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This week I have the freedom of being able to write at my leisure, within reason, as I am now on maternity leave. It still doesn’t feel quite real if I’m honest and just like I am taking annual leave. To think that I won’t be returning to work until next year is a very strange thought indeed. I have felt more than ready to finish for a little while now and the relief is immense. Last week at work I had a couple of days where I felt a little off kilter, feeling like my blood pressure was very low making me feel faint, then coming over all hot combined with a little breathlessness…which continues on and off now. I shouldn’t complain, these are all symptoms of pregnancy and even more so in the late stages. I really do feel that this baby is really pushing up on my diaphragm restricting my lungs as I often feel like I can’t properly fill them, it’s like I have been for a run all the time and gives me an insight into what being extremely overweight must be like.

I have a million and one things that I would like to get done now I am a free agent but I am trying to pace myself as I do have a few weeks to go. As it will be pay day this week, I shall be going out to get my hospital bag items and get them all neatly packed away ready. So far all I have is maternity and breast pads and a new outfit for the baby. It’s an expense I could do without but I simply have to have a new nightie, dressing gown and underwear. Last time I was completely unprepared for my caesarean and the hipster shorts I took in with me were completely the wrong choice! It’s granny pants all the way…

It has been a few weeks since I have posted a bump picture and unfortunately we do have a fair gap between photo’s. What started out as a photo a week (like this diary) hasn’t quite been the case. I see a photo and just think yep that’s another photo of my bump…but this one taken by husband at the weekend really made me realise how much I have sprouted! As you can see I am exerting myself painting. We have changed the colour scheme in Beastie’s bedroom to freshen it up and make it into a bedroom that will be accommodating two little boys. We were very kindly given some paint from a fabulous new company called The Nursery Paint Company who I have previously written a post about before. The room is painted but we have a little bit of rearranging to do and artwork to put up on the walls so all will be revealed soon in a special post.



During the first weeks of my pregnancy I jumped on the scales to see what weight I had put on, just out of curiosity really. At the time I was seven pounds heavier and made a decision from that moment on not to bother checking too much, that was until last week where I braved them again. Now I know weighing yourself in pregnancy is a different kettle of fish to when you are not pregnant and just watching your weight but it’s still weight gain when all is said and done. Last week I measured at just over two stone heavier, so I am about on parr with the weight I was in my last pregnancy. It’s still a strange concept for a woman to get used to your ever changing shape. I am at that stage where I am thoroughly fed up of all my clothes and I can understand why I threw out certain items last time. Some days I am reasonably comfortable but other days I simply can’t tolerate anything under or over my bump and seeing as it’s a) too cold to go without clothing and b) completely inappropriate I shall carry on grumbling about it.

I shall leave you with another bump photo to carry on from the other entries over the last few months.


5 weeks to go...


Bump Diary: 30 weeks

I can’t believe that I am actually 30 weeks pregnant. I have been in the third trimester for 2 weeks now and have barely thought about it compared to when I followed each and every week in detail in my first pregnancy.

Besides a cold, I have been feeling fairly well but getting increasingly tired. Baby is on the move much more and now I can feel the distinctive movements of an elbow here and a foot there. There are so many familiar feelings but yet so many new ones. It really is different this time and as I write this and look down at my bump moving I have realised that my linea nigra never appeared. Last time it was quite dark by now, it didn’t bother me then but now I am quite glad that I don’t have one as it took a long time to fade after birth. It was also an odd look in a bikini.

If you have read my previous post you will know that we had another scan to check whether the baby is growing as he should be. When I saw my midwife at my 28 week appointment she measured me and according to her I was measuring 3 weeks smaller than I should have been. So we were referred for a growth scan and had to wait just under 2 weeks for a slot. We weren’t overly concerned but it was a doubt at the back of our minds that needed settling. The scan went really well and the sonographer was happy with all of the readings she took, then the midwife plotted his size on the growth chart and he was well within the margins, compared to Beastie was well above the margin. So we are happy that we have seen him again and that we have had the reassurance of another scan with more accurate measurements than that of a tape measure.

Whilst we were talking to our midwife after the scan she noticed some paperwork missing and it transpired that because of this my consultant appointment had slipped through the net. We have been waiting for an appointment since 28 weeks so it explained why we hadn’t heard regarding this. The hospital made me an appointment to see a consultant midwife to discuss and promote having a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) but neglected to actually inform me, resulting in a phone call on the day to ask where I was. They offered me another appointment which I was unable to attend and in the end it got left. In actual fact I wasn’t bothered as I didn’t see the point when ultimately I want to speak to the consultant. Apparently it’s part of their process however to book you in with the designated midwife for a discussion beforehand. So better late then never, we have an appointment with the midwife followed by an appointment with the consultant 2 weeks later. In a couple of weeks we will have spoken to all parties and know what the plan will be, hopefully…

The countdown towards my maternity leave has finally started. Depending on how I feel, I have about 4 weeks left at the least and I am very much looking forward to having some time off before the baby arrives. Financially it would be better if I could keep going for longer but physically I find it too demanding. I have a colleague who plans to work until she is 37 weeks pregnant and I think it’s madness but entirely her choice, I know. I had too long off with Beastie, about 6-7 weeks in total after his late arrival and I was climbing the walls. I do however think that in the long run it helped me prepare and relax for after the birth. Being tired beforehand is only going to take all of your energy reserves for when the baby arrives. This time around though I have Beastie to keep me busy on non nursery days and hopefully the wait won’t be as long. I have a list of jobs that I plan to get cracking with once I have a few days to myself. A bit of painting, wardrobe and cupboard sorting and generally making sure we have everything in place for the baby’s arrival. I love nesting. Who knows I may even treat myself to some time out to read a book for a change and saviour a whole cup of tea.

Bump Diary: 28 weeks

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Yesterday I finally got to see my midwife after what had seemed like an eternity. I mentioned in my previous post about the length of time you have to wait between appointments in your second pregnancy and how surprised I was by it all, so it was finally good to be able to speak to her and be examined. I had my bloods taken last week in preparation for seeing my midwife and I was pleased that the results had arrived in time.

I have been saying throughout this pregnancy that I do not feel as large as I was last time and how I expected to be larger with my second. I know not every pregnancy is the same but I thought that the fact I am carrying another boy would straight away determine that I would be bigger. I know the baby could be lying differently in my tummy and I may not be gaining as much weight now because I have a toddler to run around after…it could be many things but finally the midwife clarified yesterday that I am indeed measuring small. A whole 3 cms smaller than I should be, despite the possibility her measurements might have been a little off and the baby may be due a growth spurt, this didn’t sit well with me, especially as I had been measuring over with Beastie.

My midwife wanted to wait a couple of weeks and measure me again unless I was worried. I was certainly not going to sit on my laurels for another two weeks hoping for that growth spurt so I told her that I have been feeling small throughout and yes I was concerned. She was very lovely and didn’t hesitate in referring me to the ultrasound department so that they can fit me in for a scan to check the measurements more accurately and that all is well with the baby. I am now waiting for a slot to become available this week and I am so glad that I highlighted the fact I was worried, all too often I don’t pipe up when asked, so thankfully I did this time. I know that more often that not there is nothing to worry about but there is always that element of doubt and when a baby is concerned, nothing is more important.

Besides measuring small it was reassuring to hear that my bloods and urine were all within normal limits. I had been wondering about what my glucose levels may be after an over indulgent, extremely sugary Christmas but I needn’t have worried. This is not to say I will carry on as much as I love all things sweet at the moment, I think that will be pushing my luck and certainly not the best way to encourage my baby to grow, just my thighs and bum!

The baby has been very active (sugary treats?) lately and certainly making his presence known. I have been wincing in pain a little bit with some of his movements as it can feel like he is needling my scar tissue at the caesarean site. Just a nice gentle reminder that this womb has already been stretched to capacity once and is heading that way again….

So for now I am waiting for a call about the scan to see what measurements they will come back with and we are also pleased that we get to have a sneaky peek at him again too :-)

Bump Diary: 27 weeks

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When I came to write this post I had a moment where I got slightly confused over how many weeks pregnant I was. Now anybody that has ever been pregnant or knows anyone pregnant will know that a pregnant woman always knows the number of weeks she is. I usually fire it off immediately when asked so with Christmas wedged in and a blur of days thrown into the mix I have figured that is my excuse. I know that now I am nearly in the third trimester that I won’t make that mistake again. The last few weeks will be of high importance and I will be aware of every week until my due date.

I have been feeling pretty well on the whole but have just this last week started to notice that certain tasks are becoming a little cumbersome. You know every day tasks such as putting your socks on and then pulling your boots on and getting in and out of the car. Those little things your take for granted when you haven’t got an obstruction in the way start to become a real chore and are usually accompanied by lots of grunting and sighing. Just for the effect and making a noise always seems to help. It’s a bit like moaning when you are poorly, it’s highly irritating to everyone else but it always seems to help.

I am back to work tomorrow after having five days off with my little family. We haven’t had to travel anywhere which has been lovely this  year. We almost went to spend Christmas with my parents in Spain, like we did last year, but couldn’t arrange it due to lack of annual leave at the time. This was pre pregnancy and looking back I am rather glad that we didn’t go ahead and book as a trip to the airport would not have been on my wish list. Memories of last Christmas at the airport have scarred me for a while. I am hoping come next summer that Beastie will be a lot more reasonable, especially as there will be four of us and not three. Luckily work should be fairly quiet as it’s in between Christmas and New Year and it will be lovely for my husband to spend a few days with Beastie, just doing their own thing. I always love to hear what they have been up to in my absence and I look forward to seeing them even more when I get home.

Before Christmas I contacted my midwife to book my 28 week check up and unfortunately I haven’t heard back from her yet so I am hoping that she will be in touch soon. Besides having my MATB1 form signed by her, I haven’t seen my midwife since the 16 week mark. I think 12 weeks is an awful long time to wait between appointments. I have been a lot more relaxed with this pregnancy seeing as it is not my first but it still astounds me how you are left to your own devices much more after your first baby. I haven’t once been measured, so no one has been monitoring whether I am measuring correctly for my dates or where my baby is positioned (although I have found midwives to never be particularly accurate with this). All I have is my instincts that all is ok. I don’t have too much to grumble about and my baby is booting just like he should be and I know after all that my body is designed to do what it needs for the baby. Having said all that it does slightly worry me that some mother’s may be being overlooked with their ante natal care.

So for now I am patiently awaiting to hear from my midwife and not so patiently waiting for a letter through the post regarding my consultant appointment. It should be anytime now and I would really like to know more about my options with the delivery. I am not sure who my consultant is (as I know of most of them) and it is making me slightly anxious as to who will be leading my care. Oh well time will tell and I shall update my diary when I know…

Bump Diary: 26 weeks

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I have decided to space out my posts a little now, mainly as I have been a bit busy and also because I find all the weeks merging together and nothing much has changed. I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I would like on my blog and I keep bleating on about neglecting it and I expect I will continue until I reach a happy medium.

So I am now 26 weeks and where has the last two weeks gone since viable day? I suppose being the time of year that it is has helped the time fly by and now Christmas is a week away, eek, there has been lots occupying me and for the next week or so. Pregnancy wise I have been feeling fairly well in myself but the dreaded acid reflux is kicking in with a vengeance now and it’s becoming quite uncomfortable. Never before have I had to glug Gaviscon at such a rate and I really do hate it. I have the aniseed flavour as I can stomach it better than the mint but I still have to screw my face up every time I swallow some. The Gaviscon chewable tablets also get stuck in my teeth, bleurgh! I overdid fruit Rennies in my first pregnancy so I only have them as a standby when I am out and about. I know it won’t last forever and that as soon as bubba is here it will vanish but it makes sleeping a little difficult.

Yesterday I also cleaned the flat from top to bottom, changed the bedding and cooked and did I pay for it in the evening. I have had a gentle reminder that my hips do not like so much exertion and I was hoping that they wouldn’t be giving me jip quite so early in the pregnancy but they are. I don’t like slowing down and have never been one to sit and put my feet up when jobs need doing around the home as I just can’t settle. However, getting out of bed like an old lady last night might make me reassess what needs doing and what ‘really’ needs doing.

My tummy is starting to get itchy too and I must start a regular routine of moisturising it. No I haven’t started that yet and I know I should. Just because I didn’t get any stretch marks last time doesn’t mean that I won’t this time…although I am a believer that it is down to genetics for the main part. However, they say prevention is better than cure after all, so worth a try, if nothing else to stop me scratching. Besides the itching my tummy is starting to move lots more now and it’s the bit I loved best last time, apart from the occasional boot that stops me in my tracks. I know he is growing fast and will soon be running out of room to freely kick around.

The itchy bump

I am posting my diary entry early as I won’t get chance to do it tomorrow as sadly we are attending my Auntie’s funeral in Manchester. She was taken far too early by cancer and was one of my first blog readers :-). She loved reading it and often wondered how I found the time to juggle motherhood, work and writing this blog. Right now I am wondering too and from the new year I will most definitely put more effort into it. So this post is dedicated to my Aunty.

Bump Diary: 24 weeks

In months I am 6 months pregnant today. Or my ‘V’ day as some people would call it. I have heard the term quite a bit and it basically means that from 24 weeks your baby is termed viable. I remember reading all about this with Beastie, in books and on online forums. I tend not to look on forums so much these days although I have seen it referred to a lot on Babycentre. I was a regular on Babycentre in my first pregnancy and found it a great source of support, however this time I don’t feel the need to follow what everyone is up to and am very much aware of how these forums can make you a little paranoid and suck you in. I read my updates that come via my email but that is as far as I go these days, perhaps I should actually unsubscribe…Maybe it’s more for first time Mums, maybe it is for people wanting to feel part of a community, I am not sure but it’s not for me anymore. For that reason, although today is certainly a milestone, I won’t be celebrating like many of the ladies on there.

I still have a relatively compact bump, or so I am told, complete with a bruise when I walked into the latch on the bedroom door in the middle of the night, ouch! I woke up this morning to feel kicking movements to the left hand side of my bump and I have never felt that before so maybe he is lying across me at the moment. I am getting used to when he is more likely to be active and what triggers movement so I am relatively relaxed about how he is getting on and if it’s been a while I try not to worry myself, often if I am at work and busy, I won’t notice some movements anyway. As far as work goes, I am finding it suddenly a lot more tiring. I have just completed a month with just two days a week working, with one day as annual leave. That one day of annual leave was my long day, 12.5 hours and I have just started them again as of last Friday. I noticed that my feet were starting to hurt late afternoon and once I did get home I felt shattered. The next day I was so tired that I joined Beastie in his nap time. This has never ever happened and we slept for about 2 hours after which I felt terrible. I know I must have needed to catch up on some sleep but I felt nauseous for the rest of the afternoon and evening. I don’t have much option with changing my hours at work at the moment as I manage to stretch 30 hours over 3 days, with nursery closing times and other childcare we don’t have many options, bar cutting my hours, which also isn’t an option. Roll on maternity leave…

At the moment I am still waiting for my appointment date for when I am going to see my consultant about the birth. It should be between 28-32 weeks so it’s not long now and I will feel better once I have met them and discussed what my options are. Once I know my options I will talk about them on here and will probably ask for some advice!

I am also very pleased to be in the possession of two changing bags for my future adventures with two children. My lovely husband very kindly went to the recent Pink Lining sample sale in London for me. First of all our car wouldn’t start so he had to drive into London in his Mum’s little car, then it took him ages to find the place but when he did he bought me two bags. So now I have two very pretty bags (about time too) that I can alternate and flog to death. I am actually glad I was working otherwise the stress of not finding the sale would have been far too much to bear. Well done Daddy Beastie, you’re a star.

Bump Diary: 23 weeks

I have left it two weeks since my last entry, I’ve slipped already and I knew I would. There have been a couple of reasons being that I have been quite busy and that I felt there wasn’t much to report last week. So two weeks on from last time and I am feeling quite well in the pregnancy and it’s moving along quite quickly. I will be six months next week and I can’t quite believe it.

Beastie has had a cold and a few poorly days and with having him in such close proximity to me when we are at home, I have been feeling a little run down as well. He has a cough and I have a cough and so on…It so easy to catch bugs when you are pregnant but near impossible to avoid them so you just have to carry on like a trooper. I am also noticing that my tummy muscles can be easily pulled and especially when coughing I need to take extra care, never mind the pelvic floor muscles! I took a swig of water on the motorway last week and it went down the wrong way, I was coughing and spluttering and didn’t prepare my tummy muscles for the sudden onset of spluttering. My tummy killed and let this be a lesson to you all, think carefully before you drink on the motorway, it could have been very dangerous! as well as damaging to my ligaments, ouch.

I still feel my bump looks very neat and depending on what I choose to wear, my size can look very different. I am sure that I will be sprouting more and more in the next few weeks so I will make the most of it being compact at the moment. I am starting to get nerve pain in my left hip and leg again like I did in my first pregnancy, so there’s an indication that the baby is causing trouble already. Every now and then I will walk or turn and my leg will really twinge, I am hopefully that it doesn’t develop into full blown sciatica. I like walking quickly as I have long legs so I need to stop myself from striding everywhere so quickly as it’s only going to end in problems.

I made my first purchase last week for the baby and was quite excited about that. To think that this time first time round we had already bought a lot of items in preparation for Beastie. I was so prepared my hospital bag was packed from 30 weeks! I kept dipping in and out of it all the time just to double check I had everything I needed but it was ready none the less. We only have a few main items that we need to buy like a crib, a new monitor (as we feel the one we have isn’t reliable enough anymore) and some new items of clothing. The list was endless last time and I remember feeling so overwhelmed and wondered how on earth people managed to be prepared in time. We will start to buy some bits in the new year but for now it’s nice to be able to relax a bit more and concentrate on Christmas and getting all my presents sorted. It’s still November and I have quite a few presents sorted out already, I am determined not to be involved in the madness that is December Christmas shopping!

One last thing, I have just ordered my outfit for the Tots 100 Christmas Party and I hope it fits and looks good, fingers crossed :-)