Review of Britax B-MOTION 4

Back in February I was invited to become a Britax Mumbassador and I certainly didn’t need asking twice. As always we are happy to try out new products. Pushchairs and car seats are no exception!

When I was given the opportunity to try out one of their pushchair/strollers it came at the right time for us needing an upgrade from our trusty ageing stroller. It had served its purpose but after four years use its easy handing and nifty steering wheels were not as they once were.

The key requirements we look for in a stroller are that they are easy to handle, compact and lightweight.

The one that fitted the bill to best suit our needs was the brand new B-MOTION 4.  I mentioned that our previous stroller had been getting a little tired looking and certainly not maneouvering like it once did and I really wanted a stroller that enabled me to to push it one handed. I usually need a free arm for my four year old or a shopping basket/both and colliding with people and stands in shops is not helpful and often stressful.

Now firstly, if you want a ‘light’ stroller then this is more than likely not going to be what you are looking for. It weighs in at 10.5 kgs, so not too much but you can definitely feel the weight more than umbrella folding style strollers. This pushchair is ideal for use from birth as it fully reclines, so it takes away the need for the carry cot attachment – although this is still available to use with it (purchased separately). It all very much depends on your needs but I found that with my first travel system, I barely used the carry cot as my son disliked lying down completely flat it in.

The colours available are called Neon Black or Chili Pepper (red). More colours would be nice in the future and I am sure they will be in the pipeline at some point. We opted for black as you can see from the pictures below.

The design enables you to release the stroller using one hand, using a quick release lever. It took me a little while to master opening it when it first arrived as once you have released the lever you need to pull a handle situated where the stroller folds in two on the top. It can certainly be opened using one hand but it does take a fair amount of force to encourage it to open fully. Once it does it clicks into place with its automatic chassis lock and you’re ready to go.


Britax B-MOTION 4

The adjustable handle is very useful for people of varying heights and also means that it tucks in much neater once folded away. The B-MOTION 4 glides effortlessly as it is and I have always liked this type of handlebar as it’s much easier to steer with one hand rather than ones with two separate handles.


The reclining feature is very easy to work using a pull mechanism that reclines the seat fully. As you can see from the picture below, it has a mesh back attached that comes with a detachable cover that can be removed when the seat is pushed forwards. Reclining is extremely simple and can be achieved one handed but it does need two hands to fasten it back to a upright position and you will have some cord hanging freely, which I simply tucked in.


It features a fairly roomy basket underneath that is still accessible even with the stroller is lying flat. The rubber tyres can be inflated as well and claim to be puncture resistant too. So far we have only taken the stroller locally around town and haven’t needed to take it anywhere with uneven ground. You can see the tyres are fairly robust and it’s a good feature that they can have air added to them if necessary. It’s a very sturdy pushchair, providing a smooth ride for little ones and even not so little ones – at four.


Folding the pushchair is swift once you have got the hang of it. It took me several attempts and I failed because I wasn’t pulling the handle in time with pushing a button located on the side. When you do, it closes very easily and is very compact. As with most pushchairs, it takes practice to get the hang of it.

For me, the assembly of the stroller has taken some getting used to but once I began using it everyday, I soon got to grips with the technique required. I don’t usually like to look at instructions but on this occasion I had no choice as it worked differently from my previous travel systems we had owned.

Overall we have found the stroller to be a dream to push around and Baby Beastie finds it very comfortable with ample room for him to relax. The hood pulls down quite far and has been a god send with the hot weather we are experiencing at the moment. Once folded down the stroller fits easily into the back of our car and although I would class it as bulky compared to umbrella folding strollers, it certainly makes up for it in regards to the width as it doesn’t lie diagonally across the boot. So in turn we do actually have more room in some respects.

If you have room in your car or wherever you keep a pushchair at home, then this stroller is a really good choice for the comfort of your child. It’s one that its good for those long days out, as they won’t feel cramped at all and it’s not a struggle to push around.

I think this pushchair is brilliant value for money and is both ideal for use with a newborn and as a stroller for your toddler. It’s certainly a pushchair to see you through the different phases – before you can convince them to walk everywhere themselves with two perfectly good little legs!

Britax B-MOTION 4



Nb. We were sent the Britax B-MOTION 4 stroller for the purpose of this review but all views and opinions are entirely our own.

2 Responses to Review of Britax B-MOTION 4

  1. Blaire says:

    This is the perfect stroller for me!! Only problem is we live in the United States! It’s my dream stroller! Is it possible for me to get one?! Somebody pls email me!! I want this so bad for our one and only baby!!

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Blaire
      can you get it shipped to the states? You can buy it from so it might be worth emailing their customer services and asking if they will ship to the states if you cover the cost of the shipping? Also it’s currently only £189 on kiddicare!

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