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I was asked to try the new range of gourmet probiotic yoghurts from The Collective Dairy. The Collective originated in New Zealand by two chefs and they brought it to the UK last June where it is now made for us to enjoy. These yoghurts are thick and creamy but also good for you too!

Now I do love a tasty yoghurt but initially I wondered what they might taste like, then I saw the flavours on offer and decided they were definitely worth a try. The lovely lady who offered them to me did indeed have the right idea that I could do with some yummy treats after the birth of my son. Considering I am chomping my way through most of the contents of our cupboards at the moment, these large pots of yoghurts were a welcome addition to the dwindling fridge contents.

Armed with my vouchers I went to my local Sainsburys to buy all of the four flavours currently available. These are Russian Fudge, Pomegranate and Cherry, Passionfruit and Luscious Lemon. Unfortunately the lemon wasn’t in stock and still isn’t which is most disappointing as it was the flavour I particularly wanted to try, however I shall save that experience for another time.

I worked my way consistently through each pot before trying the next. Of course making sure that they weren’t around for too long in case they were to perhaps go off *ahem*. First up was the Russian Fudge, this was deliciously creamy with fudge sauce swirled around the pot, on the top and the bottom so plenty of fudge to see you through to the end of the pot.

Next up was the Passionfruit and this is my favourite so far, again lashings of passionfruit sauce and a few pips in the yoghurt. As soon as I tried it I knew that it immediately reminded me of something and I quickly realised it tasted similar to a Solero ice cream. I love Solero’s so this was a winner and I could have finished the pot in one sitting if I’m honest.

Finally I tried the Pomegranate and Cherry and this sadly was my least favourite in terms of flavour but you can’t be expected to like them all can you?

They are made with West Country milk and British ingredients and are sweetened with honey not sugar. They are also not too sweet or tart, pretty tasty really. I am still holding out for the lemon flavour as I suspect I will devour that one…and I am told another flavour is about to launch so I shall keep my eyes peeled for that one.

If you fancy trying them then you can find them in Sainsburys and Waitrose. They come in 500g sharing pots and the RRP is £2.39. They are also offering the chance to win some to try as they are giving away 2000 pots on their facebook page.

I’m holding out for the lemon and I might just have to visit Waitrose to find it…




Nb. I was provided with vouchers to purchase all four flavours but all views and opinions are entirely my own.

4 Responses to The Collective Dairy yummy yoghurts

  1. HELEN says:

    these do sound good & I think my favourite would probably be lemon too…if I was lucky enough to get to try them!!

    • Mummybeastie says:

      I have been told the lemon is the nicest, the
      lemon curd swirled in it sounds delicious. Well get yourself down Sainsburys Helen! :-) xx

  2. I tried these and they were gorgeous but have only been able to get the fudge and cherry & pomegranate ones. Looking forward to the passion fruit and lemon when I can find them xx

  3. SAHMlovingit says:

    Mmmm these look amazing – damn you Sainsburys for not being as close as Tesco and Asda to my house! *shakes fist with food desire rage* x

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