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My husband and I were offered the challenge to road test some grooming essentials whilst indulging ourselves in a ‘pamper’ evening. These evenings do not rarely happen and we grabbed the opportunity one night when the boys decided to be extra nice to us by going to sleep at a decent time. We donned our new luxurious bath robes and hoped for a quiet and relaxing evening ahead (with the exception of epilating). We took the Braun challenge together…

We received an electric razor and an epilator, amongst lots of other goodies to provide our night of tranquil bliss *cough*.


We got to try out the Braun Silk-épil 7 Epilator and the Braun Cool Tec Shaver.

How I got on with the Silk Epil Epilator…

I’d never used an epilator before so I was intrigued to find out how I would get on.

I’ve always simply shaved my legs, even avoiding waxing! I’m lucky in the fact that my leg is hair is reasonably fair and my re growth has never been too much. So on a summers day and my legs are out and I’ve forgotten to shave, I can usually get away with it, if no one was to touch them that is or the sun doesn’t glisten on the hair.


My first impression of the Braun Silk Epil was that it looked pretty impressive and certainly not cheap in its appearance. It comes with several different attachments as shown below which I can see will prove very handy.

It was simple to charge up and self explanatory to use. I decided to give it a try with dry legs first and then moved onto using it in the bath – with wet legs. First of all, I wasn’t worried about the pain factor but was curious to know what it would feel like seeing as the hairs are actually pulled out rather than shaved off.

The sensation to me was that of it being a sharp prickly sensation and although uncomfortable it was certainly better than I expected. Some parts of my legs, like the shins, were more sensitive but I found it easy to carry on gliding the epilator along without having to take breaks.  I’ve had laser hair removal to my underarms and bikini area before and believe me if you haven’t experienced that then this is painless in comparison but I’m very much ‘no pain, no gain’ so I’ll always soldier on rather than give up.

As I initially tried it with a dry leg, I was keen to see the difference it would make when my skin was wet. Apart from being much more comfortable and practical lying in the bath to use it, I also felt that it lessened the sharp prickly feeling I had when dry epilating. Having said that, it wouldn’t deter me from using it dry. When reading the instructions on the correct use, I noticed that it said your skin can become aggravated and that it’s advisable to use in the evening to enable your skin to settle down overnight. I did develop small red spots where the hair follicles are but this didn’t last very long nor did it cause me any discomfort. So something to bear in mind when first using it and if you have sensitive skin. This wouldn’t be a good look before hitting the beach for instance! One of the best aspects of the silk epil for me was the light. This was simply amazing for showing up every single hair. Just looking at my hairs alone with the naked eye was not enough and the light literally highlights every hair, short or long. So even with poor lighting in your bathroom, you won’t miss a hair with this!

I’ve used the epilator on a few occasions now and I’ve quickly adapted to using it rather than a shaver and think I may well be a convert. I’m looking forward to seeing the results over the coming months…

How he got on with the Cool Tec Shaver…

Now my husband is extremely experienced using shavers and has tried most of the variations on the market and he’s also quite fussy with what he uses and isn’t easily swayed with new gadgets. One certainty is that he has to always have a working shaver as he won’t wet shave and his face would grow a beard in record time he neglected to shave. One week of not shaving and I have a different man in my life and a scruffy one at that. His current shaver was also about to bite the dust so Braun came along just at the right time. It’s always good to try things that you might not ordinarily try as it might just surprise you.

His first impressions were that the shaver looked good quality if a little gimmicky (with the added cool function). It’s simple to charge using the dock that is provided and you know that it is connected correctly by some high tech sounding beeps and the on/off button illuminates.

As mentioned earlier, my husband can be sceptical with new shavers and has even found cheaper shavers to give a closer shave in some instances. He has always opted for the twin blades models rather than the triple blade ones so this was the ideal choice for him. This shaver has ticked all of the boxes and he even rated the cool function after initially dismissing it.

He has told me that the shaver holds its charge for at least two shaves which is an improvement on previous ones he has used. He is also not normally pre-prepared before a shave so I would say this is an added bonus!

 Nb. Were were sent these lovely Braun items and goodies to complete the challenge. However, all views and opinions are entirely our own.


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  1. HELEN says:

    disappointed to see no before & after shots for the legs! 😉

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